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Establishing, reorganization and termination of company

1. Establishing of companies with foreign founders;

2. Establishing of individual

3. Amendments to the constituent documents;

4. Termination of the organization.



1. Accounting services;

2. Submission of financial statements;

3. Payroll accounting;

4. Analysis and maintenance of financial
    statements for lending.

Property and business

1. Business valuation;
2. Valuation of shares;
3. Estate appraisal;
4. Evaluation of cars and transport;
5. Valuation of equipment and other tangible assets;
6. Valuation of intangible assets.


Tax accounting

1. Selection of the optimal tax system;

2. Development of tax optimization measures;

3. Preparation and submission of tax reports.

Legal service

1. Corporate legal support;
2. Development of economic contracts
    and expertise;
3. Consulting in the field of corporate law;
4. Representation in economic and tax disputes.


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